What is a “Page Up” anyways?

Posted by jim on November 30, 2010 under Toy Trends | Be the First to Comment

Well, this year is another transition year for us as we search for an identity as a “toy” company in this post-etoys era (I know eToys still exists, but let me tell you, the online toy market is WAY different from when we started!)

In any event, shipping costs are on the rise – and toys are volatile to choose – and the competition is extremely “price aggressive”.  So, since businesses don’t want to make money anymore and customers don’t want to pay much for shipping, we are focusing on small, low weight, low cost – but unique – items.  Like the Page Up….

This is a product from a French manufacturer that we really saw take off this year.  In order to show you what it is, I share with you the fabulous graphic from the manufacturer’s web site, which apparently hasn’t been updated in several years:

This is a Page Up?

Page Up Document Holder

So, that’s it! They are document holders – copyholders if you please – paper holders! People love them. They are inexpensive – they start at $6.95.  They are cute, they come as fish, as animal prints, and they even have a Christmas Collector’s Edition:

This is a Page Up?

Page Up Document Holder - Merry Christmas

You can use them at the office, hold up a recipe at home, kids can use them for homework, limitless ideas….

Sounds like a stocking stuffer to me!

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