A Web Site does not an E-tailer Make

Posted by jim on December 8, 2008 under eCommerce | Be the First to Comment

There certainly is a lot more to being an E-tailer these days than selling products on your web site.  And I am not alluding to adwords or affiliate programs or price comparison sites or anything of the sort.  I’m talking about Amazon.

Amazon owns and buys so much of the online retail traffic these days that you can’t really have an e-commerce site without also selling your products on Amazon.com.  Even Target has an Amazon.com store.  If you google “Gile Toys”, an Amazon listing comes up in the top six results and you will see the adwords “Gile Toys at Amazon”.

Let’s face it.  Amazon allows you to use their brand to move your products.  How can any of us say no?  But my point here is not to discuss the pros and cons of Amazon – or even give an inside look on the entire process.  I don’t even want to discuss their buyer feedback process and system.

I simply want to share some of the feedback we have received lately on Amazon.com.  Not the ones that say we are really great, just the ones that make me smile.

How about this one?

“Subliminal experience. The whole family experienced a life change. I only can kneel in the lotus and pray for future business exchanges. I bid you peace.”

[insert joke here]

Or this?

“Extremely fast shipping and I know my nephew is going to go nuts over these. The only downside is that the box that it arrived in shows pictures of exactly what the item is–we’re lucky that the person it is for wasn’t at the house or he would have known what his Christmas present was. I prefer my packages to look anonymous (typical brown box, please) so I can keep holiday surprises a secret!”

Granted, we are sensitive to this – especially as a toy vendor at Christmas time, but you have to see the size of this product.  To put this box, which is actually full of individual little boxes by the way, inside another bigger box, is a bit impractical to say the least.  Can you say TMI?

Not sure why I think this is funny:

“I ordered these monkeys & they were delivered very quick & exactly what I ordered. I’m always leary about ordering online for the fact of not knowing what I’ll end up with, but was definately pleased!”

I guess anything with the word “monkeys” in it makes me laugh.

And, finally for the minimalist in all of us, how about these three:




Now that’s what I’m talking about!  For more, go to Amazon.com.